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SSD’s (Solid State Hard Drives) are Magic!

imageIf you have a computer that began as a Windows 7 machine (or worse, Windows Vista) or an older Mac and it’s slow and you’re thinking about buying a new computer – before you do consider upgrading to a SSD.  It has NO moving parts, replaces the hard drive inside your computer and is about 10 times faster. It makes a HUGE difference!  Did I say it makes a HUGE difference?  It’s like supercharging your computer!  The price is now reasonable for them and it’s a LOT cheaper than buying a whole new computer.  I’m upgrading systems every week these days.  I upgraded one client’s laptop a month ago and now she wants her other three computers upgraded as well.  So if your one of those people, give me a call and let’s see what would work for you.

I Learned What HP Stands For From a Client!

imageI had a client today who just moved here to Austin from North Carolina.  Neither of her printers would connect to her network, therefore she couldn’t print – frustrating for anyone.  She had a Brother laser printer I connected with a cable to her router and BOOM!, printing.

Then came her HP printer.  It had been configured to work ONLY on her old network (she didn’t realize it.)  I corrected it and STILL couldn’t get it to print.  I tried removing the printer from the Control Panel, it would go and magically come back, but come back broken.  Finally after maybe 45 minutes (because I hate to LOSE to technology) I beat it down into submission and got the printer working.  That’s when my client who was sitting there just said “HP – Highly Problematic”.  And there you go.  Couldn’t say it better myself.

Watch Out for ATM Skimmers

This are little devices that fit OVER where you slide your credit card, they steal your information while still letting the machine work as designed. The one in the video was found in Vienna, and they all look different, but what you want to look for something that appears “attached” to the ATM where you slide your card. 


HP Battery Recall

imageIf you have a HP (including Compaq) laptop that was made in the last three years then click on the link to see if your battery is part of the recall.  HP recommends if you primarily use the laptop plugged in then remove the battery completely.  Here’s the link for the details….. https://goo.gl/1hmjy5

Thank God its Saturday!

Image result for its overI never thought I’d be so happy to see a Saturday come around, but this one is special.  The RUSH to get the free Windows 10 upgrade is over, and this Tek-Chic is thankful.  Now I can just get back to solving your normal problems with email, getting online, printing and whatever else you depend on in you technological world.


A Credit Card at Wendy’s May Upset More Than Your Stomach

Back in January it was reported that Wendy’s had suffered a security breach.  Apparently they’ve been slow to fix it.  Issues remain even into at least June.  And they got EVERYTHING needed to use your card: Name, the card number, the expiration date and the security code on the back.  There’s a site you can go to and see if you’re favorite Wendy’s was vulnerable. Go here to check it out:  https://goo.gl/ush5o9

Time is Running Out to Upgrade to Windows 10

- TempNow, you don’t HAVE to, but if you want to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer to upgrade to 10 for free (from Windows 7 or 8), July 29 is your last chance (and don’t wait until the last minute.)

If you decided to upgrade to Windows 10 AFTER July 29, you’ll have to BUY Windows 10 which will run between $100-$120 depending on where you get it. 

Most of my clients who upgrade on their own end up calling me because they don’t know what to do with it or just want to go back – which is NOT necessary. 

My clients who have me assist them with the upgrade have ALL been happy.  I’ll make sure it’s all correct and walk you through using Windows 10 (it’s really easy after a 5 minute orientation.)

Windows 7 is supported through 2020 and Windows 8 through 2013, so don’t feel like you have to.  I really like Windows 10 and frankly Windows 7 looks pretty old to me these day.  Windows 10 IS BETTER.  I’ve only run into a couple of issues after over 100 upgrades.  If you absolutely HATE Windows 10 after upgrading, Microsoft even gives you 30 days to go right back to where you were before you upgraded with no loss of data.

If you would like me to assist you with the upgrade, PLEASE don’t wait until the last week of July – I fear a rush and want to be sure I get everyone in.  For $75 I’ll get up upgraded, lock down the privacy settings, make sure your software and hardware are all working and walk you through the start menu, which is the biggest change.  All your programs will be THE SAME after the upgrade, so no worries at all there.

Call and schedule a time if you want to upgrade and I’ll take care of you.

Yes, Reset Your Carbonite Password–It’s OK

imageIf you’ve received this email, it’s ok.  Carbonite detected some strange activity on their network and to be safe, they reset everyone’s password.  So it’s ok when you get this email in your inbox.  Click on the green “Reset Your Password” button and change your password. 

I want you to know that THIS is what a GOOD companies do when they see something suspicious.  They are being proactive and they are protecting you.  This is the kind of company you want protecting your data.  You don’t want to find out from someone else and then the company reluctantly sends a message because you already know.

This is just one more reason why I recommend Carbonite for your off-line backups.  These are good people.

Run This App to Stop Automatic Windows 10 Install

And you better do it fast!  Microsoft has gotten VERY aggressive this week and I’m receiveing calls from people who are getting Windows 10 without asking for it.  Microsoft “promoted” the Windows 10 upgrade to a “Recommended” update in Windows Updates, so now it’s almost automatic.  Follow the instructions I posted previously to delay the Windows 10 upgrade until you’re ready for my help.  We have until July 28th, plenty of time for an orderly, safe and complete upgrade.  Follow what I said here (WAY back in February)…. 


Tech Support…

Why didn’t I think of this as a solution?  Chewing on the cable!

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